“Pagkakaisa para sa Handa, Ligtas at Matatag na Paaralan. Tungo sa Magandang Kinabukasan.”

Individually we are one drop; together we are an ocean. Ryunosuke Satoro here describes the strength in numbers that we have displayed ib our Brigada Eskwela. Blessings, people and their support in time energy and effort flooded, bathed and cleansed our school and created a more safe, ready and motivating environment for our students to learn.

With this year’s Brigada Eskwela theme, “Pagkakaisa para sa handa, ligtas at matatag na paaralan tungo sa magandang kinabukasan”, Don Carlos Village Elementary School aimed to unite with our community, our stakeholders– including our dear students, their parents and teachers– and other agencies of the government to reach our common goal.

Emphasizing the true meaning of bayanihan we worked with unity amongst the different members of our community from students to their parents and teachers . This goes to sow how far we can come to reach our goal when we reach in together, hand in hand.

Brigada Eskwela shows that a school is merely an instrument of education– the education of our youth lies in the community anf the individuals who make up this community. We hone this instrument so we can better pursue its goals of molding the future of this nation.

Brigada Eskwela has helped the school provide safe , clean and resilent environment for learning; encouraged and motivated stakeholders in the different partnership programs with the school; and ultimately being a catalyst for achieving higher learning outcomes.

It has also encouraged the active participation of parents to the different activities that their child maybe involved in; increased the trust of the parents that their child will be safe outside the comforts of their homes, in a safe and ready school which can be treated as a second home.

It has also motivated students to come to a school which they have helped clean, organize, bringing appreciation, awareness and value to the cleanliness of their environment.

It has also inspired teachers to prepare their classrooms, in orde to help create a motivating environment for their students and to build ties with different stakeholders in the community for participation in different school activities.

The success of the Brigada Eskwela is owed to each and everyone who has come and      actively participated and committed. This success is a proof of DepEd Order no.70, s.2007. This success is a proof of the effective partnerships between the different government institutions, the Department of Education, the community and the Filipino citizens.