Don Carlos Village Elementary School, the smallest school in the South District with a land area of 800 sq. m., is located on Bgy. 187, Constellation St., Don Carlos Village, Pasay City. The school was named after President Carlos P. Garcia who approved Proclamation No. 621, the law that provided the housing project for CAA employees.

The school is located in the Friendship plaza which is intended as recreation park of the village. The land where the school is situated, is a reservation area which was acquired on January 11, 1973 and had an estimated value of Php 40,000.00 at that time.


                 At present , the school is at the tip of the village if you are coming from the North beside  the Church of Our Lady of  Fatima .

 During the administration of Jovito Claudio as Mayor of Pasay City, a move was afoot to have a school house in the village. Mrs. Teodora Reyes, who used to teach in Pasay City  Public School, made several representations with the School City Board for the project but failed to get the necessary support.


To augment the force of Mrs. Reyes in this direction, Mr. Sulpicio  Amao, president of the Homeowners Association, approached  Mayor Claudio and immediately the next day two truck  loads of materials for a pre-fab, four room school house was delivered to him.

But politics  got in the way in the construction of the school because Mayor Claudio lost in the election. The materials given for the construction of the school was attracting those people who were engage in buy and sell of iron and metal materials.


Mr. Amao was thankful in the emergence of Atty. Pedro Ocampo who was in the good graces of the Mayor Cuneta and assumed the responsibility of building the school.

But when the construction of the LRT depot started in  1980, the surrounding area of the school  was reclaimed, giving rise to its present condition. Mr.  Conrado Santero, Head Teacher, was the first principal of the school. The five pioneering teachers were Amparo Pasang, Alejandra Villaruel, Solita Aguilar, Pacifica Mabutas and  Antonio Ferrera.


Eventually,  the school was upgraded to a complete elementary school  and by 1974, the first 52 graduates marched and received their certificates In 1987, from its humble beginnings, a two-storey building with 13 instructional rooms  was  built through the funds of Congresswoman Lorna V. Yap.


The contribution of Atty. Ocampo in the completion of the first school building in Don Carlos Village has earned for him the presidency of the PTA for several school years even if he doesn’t have a child enrolled in the said school as it should have been the case. The  school  used to be surrounded by  swamp  where fishes, water lilies and swamp cabbage abound.


 Teachers and pupils used to walk on wooden bridges to reach the school. They even used to catch fishes  for their lunch. The  school  used to be surrounded by  swamp  where fishes, water lilies and swamp cabbage abound.Teachers and pupils used to walk on wooden bridges to reach the school. They even used to catch fishes from the swamp  for their lunch.


In  November, 2010,  Phase 1 of a four-storey building  began through the initiative of then Mayor Wenceslao “Peewee” Trinidad. This is funded through the local School Educational Fund  in the amount of Php 40 million pesos. But the completion of the building was halted because of the local election then.


When Antonino G. Calixto, took his office as the new mayor of Pasay City the construction of the Phase 2 and 3 was continued. Finally, the construction of the four-storey building with 21 classroom and an open space on the first floor was completed.