Reading is basically a life skill. It occupies a high place of significance in a child’ learning and personal growth. It is a cornerstone of a child’s success in school and     indeed throughout life. Reading is the key to student’s achievement. The ability to read and write is important for lifelong learning. One can develop the ability to learn for life if he has acquired the necessary literacy and numeracy skills. These are important    elements for building individual competence and achievement that can be translated in the future into competitive workforce. And learning these skills starts at an early stage of child’s life. The foregoing statements clearly stated that reading is an important tool that an individual should acquire in order to succeed in any endeavor one will take in life.

Various activities were prepared for the learners where reading and comprehension is practiced

Others were creatively express themselves by story telling, poster and slogan making and other activities where reading, speaking and communication skills were enhanced

Thus, reading makes a totality of a person. it is the gateway for learning and use these learned information to apply in their daily lives