“Teaching is the noblest of all professions because all professions are products by a valued teacher. ” _-Anonymous

Teachers encourage learners to live better and become excellent leaders in the future. They inspire, motivate, lead, and play a vital role in the lives of everyone. Thus, a day was allotted to honor, the hero of modern times, the educators

September 5 to October 5 are month long celebration to commemorate the teachers sacrifices in the field of education. various activities were lined up, from the National, Regional, Division and School level

In as such, different ways to pamper educators were prepared by the faculty officers in cooperation with the city and school administrators, GPTA officers and SPG officer

Pupils also gave their time for the teachers to take a break and take-over in some of their time.

Lastly, a day of celebration and bonding for all educators were prepared, where all teaching and non teaching personnel enjoys the program by games, meals and prizes